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Ensure Loss Prevention With Our Services in Canada

Whether it is BC, Ontario, Alberta or Manitoba, Spyron Limited. has been providing loss prevention security in Canada for over 14 years. Theft and burglary amount for huge losses, so hiring the right security company can help you avoid these major losses. We provide loss prevention services for both commercial and residential spaces.

When you hire a security company, it is important that you ensure their staff does not base customer surveillance solely on the race or ethnicity of a customer. This process is not only improper but has proven to be ineffective in controlling losses. Spyron Limited. adheres to the highest standards and provides you with the properly trained staff you can rely on.

Retail Loss Prevention

Achieving success in today’s retail climate is harder than ever, and security threats are a major bottom-line concern—both online and in-store. Sophisticated hackers and crime syndicates are targeting retailers of all sizes, while police catch-and-release policies are making it difficult to deter in-store theft. Our retail security and loss prevention solutions are designed to help your team reduce costs, improve deterrence and boost profitability. We will help you mitigate security risk by leveraging advanced digital tools and effective strategies to protect every aspect of your retail operation.

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Our Services

BC, Alberta, and Ontario are home to many corporate headquarters, prominent events, and famous residents. Reliable and efficient security guards help in keeping business assets, properties, and people safe. Spyron Limited security guards are trained to do much more than just monitoring entrances and exits. Spyron Uniform Static Security Guard services also include monitoring of alarms systems, monitoring of fire alarms, performing fire watch, monitoring of building maintenance systems, surveillance, and access control.



The uniformed security guards are always prepared to report irregularities in daily activity, investigate disturbances, interact with visitors, and work with the local police and fire departments in case of emergency. With our staff guarding your site, you can rest assured that your security needs are being met.

Security Guard in Uniform

Our approach

Our team helps reduce theft by shoppers and internal staff. The specially trained loss prevention staff offer an effective undercover component that complements in-store uniformed guards, delivering an extra layer of security to stop theft. We also offer corporate loss prevention consulting, and can help your company develop shrinkage control programs, create training programs, and implement organizational reviews.

Our retail loss prevention services include:


  • Loss prevention consulting


  • Customized training programs


  • Organized reviews


  • Customized shrinkage control programs


  • Internal investigations


  • 24-hour facility monitoring and analytics

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