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Alarm Monitoring Systems for Residential & Commercial Sectors in Canada

Alarm monitoring is a very important element in security services and it has always played a crucial role in protecting a certain area. To enumerate, Spyron Security Limited understands that every property is safe with a qualified security team and effective security measures in place. We aim to provide you with a safe and secure alarm monitoring system in BC, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and surrounding areas with installation and repair services for all kinds of alarm monitoring systems.


With our efficient alarm monitoring service, you can rest assured of your safety. Our licensed guards will be on high alert all the time to provide you with a trustworthy service. To demonstrate this quality, the rapid response by our guards to any alarm call will be enough. The licensed guards will ensure the absolute safety of the premises and will immediately alert the police if there will be any signs of unlawful activity.

Reasons to Trust

Our alarm monitoring services are equally approachable and easily used. You can rest assured knowing that you are safe and protected all the time and if needed, help is available by pressing an alarm button.


There are multiple reasons to trust us; some of them are:


  • Each security officer is first-aid trained and qualified in health and safety procedures. It means that you’ll have extra protection in emergencies.


  • Trusting Spyron Security Solutions Inc. with your key holding security means that any harmful circumstances which could get to your feet will be for us to deal with.


  • Our security team has been trained enough to cope with all types of situations. As a result, your safety will never be compromised.


  • Simultaneously, alarm monitoring can be accompanied by mobile foot patrols so that your premises are monitored continuously, even when there is no alarm buzzing at your premises.


Alarm Response for Prevention & Detection of Fires in Canada

Spyron Security Limited security services are not aimed at just protecting you and your premises from intruders or thieves. We provide a comprehensive solution to protect your property from fire hazards as well. If you are looking for fire detection and control systems in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and surrounding areas, look no further than Spyron Security Limited We believe that the detection and prevention of fires is an essential part of the duties of a security guard. Whether on patrol or operating a fixed point, a security guard should be constantly on the lookout for fire hazards.


Watching for the common things that are likely to generate a fire (for example, electrical equipment that produces heat or sparks when it shouldn’t, combustibles placed near sources of heat, or routinely scanning for evidence that a fire has already started, such as alarms that have been activated or smoke and heat in places where they shouldn’t be found) is likely to assist security guards in the performance of their duties.

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Our Services

BC, Alberta, and Ontario are home to many corporate headquarters, prominent events, and famous residents. Reliable and efficient security guards help in keeping business assets, properties, and people safe. Spyron Security Limited security guards are trained to do much more than just monitoring entrances and exits. Spyron Uniform Static Security Guard services also include monitoring of alarms systems, monitoring of fire alarms, performing fire watch, monitoring of building maintenance systems, surveillance, and access control.



The uniformed security guards are always prepared to report irregularities in daily activity, investigate disturbances, interact with visitors, and work with the local police and fire departments in case of emergency. With our staff guarding your site, you can rest assured that your security needs are being met.

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