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Canada's Trusted Security Services

Spyron Limited specializes in commercial, corporate and loss prevention security services in Winnipeg Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta. We provide concierge services, fire watch services and VIP protection services, among others, that are tailored to each client’s needs regardless of the size or the scope of their business. We work with companies as well as individuals. Our organization has worked with numerous clients from different industries. We have tailored security plans to cater to every sector of the commercial business such as aviation, retail, government facilities, hotels, malls, etc. We can provide services in all cities of Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

Security Solutions We Offer

We cater to the security needs of educational facilities, financial institutions, government facilities, malls and shopping complexes, parking lots, ports, remote sites, residential high rises, medical laboratories, and research centers, construction projects. We also extend security solutions for special events of all types.

Security Solutions We Offer


We understand your needs and create a custom security solution to address them. We develop the perfect combination of experienced personnel and the latest technology to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We take pride in providing high-level security services at competitive prices that vary by assignment type, threat level on the asset, responsibilities, and additional required duties.


Contact us today for inquiries or to schedule a consultation with our team. We will be pleased to meet with you to answer all of your questions and provide a quote for our protection and security services.

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Ph: +1 (204)-815-5656 Toll Free: +1 833-377-9766 


Spyron Limited Tailored Security Plan

Discovery, Site Surveys, and Security Analysis

You'll meet with our security team lead to discuss your specific safety requirements, including personnel, equipment, and deployment. We'll visit your buildings and sites to ensure we have the complete picture.

Plan Presentation and Contract Signing

Our security plan and budget are presented for your approval. When you're satisfied that we've got it right, we'll present you with a one-year contract for security services.

Staffing, Training and Implementation


Now it's time to put your security plan and personnel in place. You get final approval on all staffing and will receive documented proof of all training and certifications.

Reporting and Review


Each month, we'll meet in person or by phone to discuss your evolving needs and make changes to your security plan as required. You'll also receive a comprehensive monthly review of all security incidents, observations, and protocols. Incident and emergency reports are generated as needed on time.

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